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  1. Stefan Jelev

    We are extremely satisfied with the help from the support team. We have their plugin installed on our website, quite customized and few of the features wasn’t working properly. The support team was super kind and helped us to fix the issues we were facing, providing us with extra support.
    Highly recommended!

  2. Rafael Montano

    Visual Products Configurator is a must have plug in, 100% eager to start using it!

  3. Silas Skram

    Very usefull, used it also before it became subscription.
    Happy with the new functions though.

  4. Steve

    This plugin sucks and the customer support is even worse. If you hate having to fix everything anytime either WordPress or the plugin needs to update, then you should find a better solution than this.

    • Orion Origin

      Hello Steve,
      I’m sorry to see that you’re not happy with our solution. It’s the first time someone complains about having to fix everything after every update which are mostly bug fixes. Can you help me find your ticket using the email address you used to talk to us so I can help? I don’t know

  5. Nicolò Granzotto

    We choose this plug-in for a complicated product in our website, and we are so happy about the functionality and features that we have found. With the combinations of the options and variables offered, is possible to make a lot of things. Thanks to all the staff for the assistance in the most sensible parts of the plug-in configuration.

  6. madi madi (verified owner)

    Very usefull plugin!

  7. Generic user (verified owner)

    Good and useful plugin for the configuration of a particular product, and the support is great!

  8. Christopher Calzone (verified owner)

    Great plugin for exactly what I needed to get my online store selling, quick and helpful tech support at any time. Could use some more control in terms of customizing the design and integration with reporting plugins. Be careful, you need to use png’s and every component name needs to be different or you’ll end up with conflicts!

    • Orion Origin

      Hello Christopher,
      Are you sure all component names need to be different? What conflicts did you get?

  9. Nicole Fellerer (verified owner)

    A very clean and nice to handle plugin. The form editor is easy to understand, you can duplicate parts, which makes it very fast and easy to build forms.
    The pro version has really nice features like custom css classes, various price options and conditional logic. Even the chosen images are shown in the cart and order mails, what makes it easy for customer and shop owner to identify the chosen options quickly.
    What I was missing is the option to toggle parts. I have some very long forms and the toggle would make it much clearer for users.

    • Orion Origin

      Thank you for your kind words. Can you tell me more about the toggle feature you’re referring to?

  10. fielmonk23

    They will never leave you unattended even over the weekend! what a great plugin and support! more power to orion!!

  11. germancard

    Well working plugin,
    but variable Products are not supported, need to be listed seperat.

  12. lakisha407

  13. ankj90

    Wonderful Product. Support Team is also great. I have 2 suggestions, which might be good features.
    a. The interface is great when handling few options per component. It does become cumbersome when managing variety of options, so if the interface can be made more intutive, or easy to navigate, it will be really great. b. Selection options are either Single, Multiple or Dropdown. Can we have a Single Per Group per Component? That can help create interesting Sub-component choices.

  14. e_k102

    I have asked them for personal custimazations, and they delivered pefect results. I really appreciate all the work you guys have done. The results are outstanding thank you a lot for all your help!!!! Very usefull plugin!

  15. kwchng1

    Very good plugin with a nice support team.

  16. MB-Designs

    I am very pleased with this configurator. Our company has been looking for something like this for a while. I am also very happy with the customer support. We added some custom options to our configurator and the team at Orion was very prompt and professional.

  17. stevendowd

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